Ironmonger Row Baths

1 Norman Street, London, EC1V 3AA
0203 642 552

Accredited at Excellent Level until August 2018

Ironmonger Row Baths is a stunning recently restored public gym, swimming pool(s) and city centre day spa.

The facility has excellent accessible changing facilities throughout and the gym has a wide range of IFI accredited equipment. Several gym instructors have completed their Level 3 Exercise & Disability qualification and all staff at the centre have completed Disability Equality Training.

Better offer a discounted membership for disabled people at a price of £19.95 per month that can be used at this centre and at over 100 more Better centres for full anytime access to our gyms, pools and group exercise classes. Contact Ironmonger Row Baths for more details.

IFI Mark

Accredited at Excellent Level until August 2018