How We Help

The English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) works to make active lives possible. We do this by enabling organisations to support disabled individuals to be and stay active. Our work is centred on research and insight with disabled people as well as our engagement with disability and sports organisations. Find out more on our About Us pages too.

Dwarf woman doing floor exercises in the gym

We want sport and physical activity to be a meaningful experience, no matter where or how disabled people choose to take part.

We support a wide range of people, including leisure facilities, local and national organisations to include disabled people more effectively. Working with a variety of partners we provide insight, training, inclusion programmes and resources. We use our knowledge and expertise to help others deliver more inclusive and accessible programmes.

As a Federation founded in 1998, EFDS benefits from the wealth of its Members’ expertise like the National Disability Sports Organisations.

If you think we can support you to improve your work, please contact our team.


We deliver a range of programmes and projects to support organisations and encourage disabled people to be more active.

Facts and statistics

Look through useful statistics on disabled people.


We have a range of resources to help you and your work with disabled people.


Our training supports more organisations and individuals to build confidence and improve skills.


We aim to lead the way in knowledge and evidence-led insight on disabled people in sport and active recreation.