Glenn ScottEFDS work closely with England Athletics to support them to integrate inclusive practice throughout their core programmes and work areas. Together, the ultimate aim is to increase the opportunities for disabled people to engage, remain and excel within the sport.

Specific partnership work includes:

  • Ensuring Run England is inclusive. Run England is a health and fitness initiative designed to get people active by walking, jogging and running by setting up running groups to get people started and developing links to clubs for progression.
  • Supporting the links between National Disability Sport Organisations and England Athletics to create more opportunities for disabled people.
  • Ensuring inclusion is embedded throughout the coach education programmes and that disability specific education is also  available.

Athletics top APS5 facts:

  • 0.9% (83,400) people have participated in athletics once a week, a significant increase of 0.3% since APS2 and an increase of 0.1% since APS4
  • 1.71% (158,000) people have participated in athletics once a month, a significant increase of 0.4% since APS2 and 0.5% since APS4
  • Participation in athletics among disabled people drops notably  in people aged 25 or older
  • People with a social or behavioural issue are most likely to participate in athletics, with people with a sensory impairment least likely
  • Popularity of athletics is lower among disabled people compared to the population overall, being ranked fifth compared to third

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