Club development

EFDS is committed to inclusive Club development. We work with Sport England to maintain a multi-sports Club Mark Accreditation, a mark for disability multi-sport clubs or disability specific sports, which do not have an eligible governing body. To support clubs through the process, EFDS and Sport England work closely with the County Sports Partnerships, National Governing Bodies of sport.

EFDS has also played an active role in supporting Sport England to maintain an inclusive club accreditation. We work with them to ensure that Club Matters is inclusive as well as Club Mark. Visit the Club Matters website here

Inclusion Club Hub


club toolkit illustration

In 2012 we developed a free online toolkit to support clubs include more disabled people in sport. The resource was recognised as a finalist in the Sports Technology Awards 2014. EFDS created this website to help clubs to include more disabled people in their activities. It can be used in a variety of ways within your club.

You can use it to audit your club to see how inclusive you are or as a resource to support your club's development, or perhaps use it to develop a club action plan, support your Club Mark process, or your general planning.

This toolkit will give you ideas, methods and resources to ensure everyone has a positive inclusive club experience.

The Inclusion Club Hub has case studies and better practice examples, so you can learn from others and adapt it to suit.

What are you waiting for? Register on the site to gain more resources, signposting and advice. Access our Inclusion Club Hub through this link.  

For more information on club development, please contact Jess Cook. Or visit our resources section for the related documents