Cycling4We are working closely with British Cycling to ensure that there are opportunities for disabled people to take part in cycling at all levels. The current areas of work include supporting the inclusivity of the Skyride programme in addition to inclusive club development through the Go Ride Club network.

Skyride is British Cycling programme that aims to get Britain cycling. Activities include a programme of local free rides as well as major Skyride City events which enables participants to cycle through varies major cities in the UK in a traffic  free environment. Aspects of the Skyride programme already cater to some impairment groups (Skyride Easy), but this year British Cycling are ensuring several of its major Skyride city events are fully inclusive including the ability to hire adapted cycles and get advice on the day regarding opportunities in your area. For more information visit Go Sky Ride

For more information on events and clubs please visit British Cycling

Cycling top Active People Survey 5 facts

  • 1.92% (175,000) disabled people have taken part in cycling once a week- a 0.1% increase since APS2 and 0.3% increase since APS4
  • 3.63% (331,800) disabled people have taken part in cycling once  month, a 0.1% increase since APS2 and 0.2% decrease since APS4
  • Participation in cycling among disabled people is higher than the overall population among people aged 20-24, but lower in all other age groups
  • Participation in cycling is lowest among people who are blind or visually impaired
  • Cycling is very popular among disabled people, ranking 2nd, compared to 4th in the overall population