Open SwimEFDS is committed to supporting British Swimming to develop and engage with disabled people at all levels of participation.

Areas of the programme being supported are:

  • a review of ‘SwimFit’ through development of the programme and marketing to disabled people
  • Ensuring a coaching workforce that is aware of disabled swimmer's needs. Developing and promoting a swimming specific Disability Inclusion Training online programme
  • Ensuring delivery of a world class domestic competition programme for disability swimmers
  • Providing a bespoke analysis of existing data sets, to highlight new markets and under utilised audiences

Swimming Active People Survey 5 top facts

  • Swimming is the most popular sport among disabled people, with participation, although lower, most in line with overall participation rates
  • 4.75% (425,800) disabled people take part once a week, a significant 0.4% decrease since APS2
  • 8.02% (720,100) disabled people take part once a month, a significant 0.8% decrease since APS2 and a significant % decrease in the last 12 months
  • Participation in swimming among disabled people varies significantly by age with rates lower than the overall population for 16-19 year olds and older age groups but higher than overall for people aged 20-29
  • Participation in swimming is highest among people with ‘other’ and physical impairments and lowest among people who are deaf and hard of hearing

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