tennis boyEFDS are supporting the Tennis Foundation to develop their strategy, to inspire and engage disabled people to be involved in tennis at all levels of participation, whatever the ability.

Specific partnership work includes:

  • Support the development of strong links to the National Disability Sport Organisations and to develop impairment specific approaches to support their overall participation targets
  • Ensuring inclusion is embedded throughout the education programmes
  • Ensure the growth and sustainability of participants in clubs 

Tennis Active People Survey 5 top facts:

  • The trends in tennis appear to show a general decrease in participation. However, over the last 12 months, participation has remained static for disabled people
  • 0.23% (20,900) disabled people take part in tennis once a week
  • 0.5% (45, 800) disabled people take part in tennis once a month
  • Participation in tennis is most prevalent  among disabled people aged 16-34
  • People with other impairments are most likely to take part in tennis, with people who have a social or behavioural issue least likely to take part
  • Tennis is less popular among disabled people compared to the overall population (ranked 10th vs 7th)


For further information please visit the Tennis Foundation

Read more in the Tennis Foundation's strategy 

Or contact the dedicated team at Tennis Foundation:

Dan Absolon

Disability Development Manager