Profiling Toolkit Resource

This toolkit was originally created by Elizabeth Neale, Director of Specialism at Cedars Trust School and Sports College Gateshead.  The toolkit is based on The Profile System devised by Dr Chris Meaden, MCSP.

Cedars School Sports College has adopted and adapted the profiling system in conjunction with the ‘Inclusion Spectrum’ to provide a starting point from which to determine a young person’s ability and identify appropriate activities/sports that allow teachers and coaches to develop skill, measure progress and develop talent.

The Purpose of the Toolkit

The EFDS Events Toolkit has been designed to enable teachers and coaches to identify ability, measure progress and develop talent in a variety of sports for children and young people with physical, sensory and intellectual impairment. It will help to identify appropriate activities, introducing young people to sport and encouraging participation and inclusive competition.

Using the toolkit

The toolkit is a combination of the profile system of sports classification and the ‘Inclusion Spectrum.’

The resource introduces different methods of identifying and grouping children and young people with physical, sensory and intellectual impairment for sport, by looking at the EFDS Profile System, generic groupings and the Inclusion Spectrum, incorporating the Step Model.

This toolkit is designed for the delivery of sport at a participation / developmental level, any kind of sport specific classification will always take precedent over the profiles system.

EFDS would like to thank Ken Black and Pam Stevenson for use of the Inclusion Spectrum

Download the interactive version of the Profile Resource

Download the printable version of the Profiling Resource