Corporate support

BrandingWhatever the size of your company- however big or small- you can make a difference. With community relations being at the forefront of every business, your company could market to thousands of people.

What better way could you publicise your interest in working with the community as well as promoting an active lifestyle?

Sponsorship will enable disabled people to participate in a wide range of sporting opportunities and allow sport to be readily available if a disabled person decides to take it up. It lets disabled people maximise their own talent through participation in sporting events.

You could create opportunities to progress and represent their country in international events through Disability Sport Events and promote an active lifestyle with Inclusive Fitness. EFDS prides itself on the partnerships formed over the decades.

The events programme specifically relies on corporate support to find and support future champions. With a whole range of branding and promotion opportunities at the events, your support could be seen by many.

If you would like to know more about corporate support, contact the Fundraising Team