Fundraising volunteers

With a small fundraising team, the charity depends on many volunteers across the country to raise awareness and funds for us to make a bigger difference.

Our fundraisers regularly return to raise more money for us as they passionately believe in making sport and physical activity more readily available to disabled people.

An example of our fundraising volunteers are the Lions Club International. They give up time and energy every year to support EFDS National Junior Athletics Championships.


The Lions are an International volunteer group who have worked in partnership with the charity for 20 years. The volunteers have helped and provided financial support to our National Junior Athletics Championships, which has grown to host over 400 children from 12 years old.  

For more information visit their website Lions Club International

Be a fundraising champion too!

Volunteering and fundraising in your community is an exciting way to support sport for disabled people. There are many ways you can fundraise individually, with friends or family.

We are currently seeking enthusiastic volunteers to organise community fundraising events all around the country.

Fundraising ambassadors in the community can help us spread the message of the need for equality in sport, as well as raising money which directly supports inclusive sport in your area.

There are numerous disabled people in your community. With more funds, we can ensure sport is readily available if and when they take up sport and physical activity,

For more information contact e-mail the fundraising team