Ways to donate

VolunteerThere are many ways to donate to our cause. Find out more on these pages for other ways your support can be quickly and successfully given.

Gift Aid

Charities can claim back tax from sponsors or donors as income or capital gains tax. The charity can claim back 25p from for every pound donated. If you raised £2,012 from the London Marathon and got all your sponsors to “Gift Aid” their donations the charity can claim over £500!

Anyone can make a Gift Aid donation if they are a UK tax payer and have paid enough income tax and/or capital gains tax in that year to cover what the charity claims on your donations (most employed people will therefore qualify).

Simply make sure your sponsors tick the Gift Aid box on the sponsorship form, fill in their full name address and then sign. We will then claim the funds from the Inland Revenue.

Sponsorship payments made by people not connected to the participant are eligible for Gift Aid. Higher rate tax payers can also claim relief based on the difference between basic and high raters.

The only time the charity cannot claim Gift Aid from proceeds from a fundraising event – such as a raffle. Gift Aid can only be claimed from single donations. We also cannot claim Gift Aid if the participant is receiving a benefit from fundraising – like and overseas challenge.

If you need more information on giving in any area, contact the fundraising team