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  • Being Active Guide: Accessible PDF version

    This guide supports more disabled people to enjoy an active lifestyle. EFDS and Disability Rights UK created the guide.

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  • EFDS Engagement Guide

    Strengthen your local engagement with disabled people and increase opportunities.

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  • EFDS Inclusive Communications Guide

    Released in April 2014, this Guide supports providers to reach a wider audience, including more disabled people. You can download the Guide or watch the animation video below.
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  • EFDS information

    Accessible PDF about EFDS. We are a national charity that exists to make active lives possible.
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  • Inclusive Fitness Initiative Marketing Kitbag

    Download our IFI 'Marketing Gyms to Disabled People Kitbag' designed for IFI Mark facilities and other providers.

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  • Me, Being Active films

    Meet Cassie, Cath, Chandni, Hannah and Wolf. They are five disabled people with a range of impairments, who all lead active lives. In their own words, each individual shares their personal story. As well as discussing how they first became active, they explain the way it makes them feel. EFDS created the films in partnership with Sport England and Disability Rights UK.
  • Useful links

    Look through a range of organisations and visit their websites.

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