Inclusive Fitness

Making Physical Activity Accessible to All

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Inclusive Fitness leads the way in providing accessible physical activity and in increasing participation amongst disabled people.

The Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) has been established for over 10 years. Our IFI Mark is recognised as fundamental in addressing inequality in physical activity. It reaches inactive populations and raises awareness of the benefits of exercise to get more disabled people physically active.

IFI diagram for the different elements

Inclusive Fitness addresses inclusion to encourage a cultural change within IFI facilities in the following elements- fitness equipment, staff training, marketing and engagement, sports development and accessible facilities. The diagram to the left shows how they fit together.

If you are a disabled person looking for an inclusive gym nearby, you can visit our facility search here.

If you are a facility or equipment supplier looking to find out more about the IFI Mark, visit out IFI Mark accreditation section here.

E-mail us here to see how we can work together in physical activity.