Accessible Facilities

Accessible Car Parking SpacesThe customer journey begins from the moment a customer arrives at the facility, therefore an initial positive experience is vital to ensure a repeat visit and member retention.

Facilities hoping to achieve the IFI Mark are assessed by our experienced access audit team who are highly trained and specialised auditors against the IFI Mark Standards.

An audit to gain the IFI Mark is not limited to the initial access of the building, but covers the physical journey for disabled people visiting the fitness related services; parking approach routes, entrances (maximum of 2), reception counter and lobby, general circulation, public toilets and changing facilities, gym area and fitness equipment.

For any questions on facility accessibility or to request a summary of the IFI Mark Standards please email us.

In the meantime, as a basis for recommendations on physical access to buildings, the following reference documents may be useful:

Building design

BS 8300:2009 Design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people. Code of Practice

The Building Regulations 2010: Access and Use of Buildings, Approved Document M

Sport England Design Guidance

Visual impairment awareness

RNIB Inclusive Design and Accessibility Publication

RNIB Accessible information

Code for Lighting 2002 (CIBSE) - available in printed or CD ROM formats from CIBSE

Colour and Contrast CD ROM - a design guide for the use of colour and contrast to improve the built environment for visually impaired people. (Dulux Technical Group, ICI Paints 1997)