Fitness marketing and engagement

Amputee on treadmillInclusive marketing involves identifying the needs of your audiences, then meeting or exceeding those expectations through services or products. Among those audiences are disabled people who may or may not require a different approach to marketing and communications.

To get more return on investment, IFI facilities need to maximise their marketing to ensure disabled people can access fitness opportunities available to them and learn more about becoming physically active in their local area. This supports more people to enjoy being active and the benefits it brings to everyone. 

The IFI team is here to assist you with resources, advice and support to engage more disabled people, within the local community to use your facility. 

A facility should aim to remove the various barriers that prevent disabled becoming and staying physically active. An IFI Mark facility should ensure:

  • A positive member experience 
  • Inclusive images across all marketing communications
  • Suitable equipment and accessibility throughout
  • Staff are trained in disability awareness and provide a positive customer service
  • Disabled members play an active role in forums, organising events etc.
  • Inclusive opportunity signposting

Facilities need to communicate good practice to their current and potential members to show disabled people are welcome and considered a valuable customer.

Here are some things to consider in your facility:

  • Identify potential users groups; local disability groups (within all impairment groups), GP referrals,  local public and voluntary organisations
  • Monitor your disabled members and ask for their support in shaping any facility plans
  • Monitor every member's access and communications requirements to support future budget and marketing plans
  • Set up a disability forum to ensure that you are meeting the needs of your disabled users
  • Host an open day and run taster sessions
  • Monitor usage so that you can see what works

Other useful information

You can download EFDS's Inclusive Communications guide in our resources pages.

We have developed an IFI 'Marketing Gyms to Disabled People Kitbag'. This is available for IFI Mark facilities and other interested parties to download free of charge.

If you require any further advice, tools, photography or support on inclusive fitness marketing please email us.