The IFI Mark

IFI MarkThe Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI) is a programme which offers disabled people more choice and opportunities to enjoy the benefits of physical activity - we are committed to supporting the fitness industry to achieve this. 

The IFI operate an accreditation scheme; IFI Mark which recognises the achievements and commitment of leisure facilities who enable disabled people to become physically active. The accreditation provides an inclusive platform for disabled and non-disabled people to be active together.

Over the past 10 years the IFI Mark  standards have been developed through consultation with fitness industry experts and disabled customers.  The IFI Mark is the the leading fitness accreditation for inclusion recognising leisure facilities commitment and inclusion of disabled people within their service provision.

The IFI Mark is assessed every three years and accredited at one of three levels to support continuous improvement and to ensure that inclusion is achievable from entry level to excellence - for leisure facilities just starting on their journey of inclusion or is a new purpose built facility meeting current building regulations and legislation.

IFI Mark LevelsInclusive Fitness addresses inclusion as a whole to encourage a cultural change within IFI Mark facilities and is not just about physical access.  We will provide you with low cost reasonable solutions that are we flexible options on how you reach the standard for each element and level of the IFI Mark.

There are 5 areas that encompass the inclusive experience:-

IFI Diagram

The IFI team can support and advise on how your facilities can achieve this accreditation - or click here to book your assessment.