National Governing Bodies

EFDS works with a number of prioritised National Governing Bodies of sport (NGBs). These sports represent the widest participation opportunity and the support provided means their offers are more relevant and have the greatest impact. It also includes additional support for each of the below NGB work programmes.

 Badminton players on court

Our current focus sports for 2013-2015 are:

Tailored support


Rider on a horse

Using our wider understanding of participation growth, we provide tailored support to specific NGB needs and their resource capacity. Although we concentrate more on the sports above, our support is not limited to just them. We are working with a number of other NGBs to increase opportunities for disabled people.

Our experience of working with NGBs and other key delivery partners at national and local level has enabled us to develop a more open approach with sport plans. One element which we pride ourselves on is our customer insight on disabled people. It is an important for sports to understand the participation audience and our support is evidence based. Insight on disabled people in sport helps to:

  • Understand and harness local delivery and support systems – in particular, County Sports Partnerships.
  • Draw upon the wider knowledge, capacity and commitment of other key organisations in addition to individuals for their expertise.
  • Ensure maximum integration and alignment with other National Partners.

Other areas of NGB support include:

  • Supporting the delivery of Whole Sport Plans to include disabled people
  • Developing resources,  programmes and initiatives to support disabled people to have a positive and memorable experience of sport
  • Conducting and sharing research and insight. Highlighting the trends and behaviour of disabled people in sport and physical activity
  • Marketing advice and resources to maximise the potential of and promote participation opportunities for disabled people
  • Supporting wider engagement through National Disability Sports Organisations regarding specific impairment groups and local based third sector groups to reach more disabled people through various channels

Any NGB interested in working with us should contact our sports development team. You may also find useful information through our programmes- Disability Sport Events, Inclusive Fitness Initiative and Sainsbury’s Active Kids for All.

If we can help you to make your sport more inclusive, engage more disabled people through sport and exercise or to partner programmes with us, please contact our team.