Research and insight

Seating Thrower 2EFDS strive to increase participation by providing advice and guidance to a number of partners and stakeholders.

To ensure that the recommendations we provide are accurate, relevant and robust, EFDS aim to be the leading centre for commissioning specialist market knowledge and evidence-led insight for disabled people in sport.

EFDS work alongside NGBs, NDSOs, disability organisations and charities and Sport England. In addition we work with a number of academic Institutions to ensure that research is conducted which is relevant, up to date and answering key unmet needs in the market place.

The combined outputs of the research conducted will provide the sports sector with detailed knowledge about:

  • The current level of participation of disabled people in sport
  • The reasons why disabled people play sport
  • The barriers to participation and amends and changes needed to overcome these
  • The types of sport disabled people want to play
  • The ways in which disabled people find out about and promote sporting opportunities
  • Disabled peoples involvement in sport provision if they are not personally participating (teaching, training, coaching)
  • Satisfaction with current sports provision and desired improvements
  • Perceptions and attitudes of sports providers

If you would like to submit your piece of research on our website or obtain more information about our research and insight, please contact our team