EFDS research

This page contains all research published and released by the English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS). It is a combination of research that has been commissioned and conducted by EFDS alone, or in conjunction with other organisations. As new research is made available, this page will be updated.

Active Beyond Education? - (released 9 December 2015)

A report exploring young disabled people's experiences of sport and physical activity, during the transition from education to adulthood. This research was commissioned by six of the UK's National Disability Sports Organisations in partnership with the English Federation of Disability Sport and supported by Sport England’s Inclusive Sport Fund.

The Active Beyond Education? report is available in both Accessible PDF and plain Word format. You can read the full report by clicking here.

Active together

A report providing guidance on providing inclusive provision to enable disabled and non-disabled people to take part in sport and activity together. By speaking to people who are already offering inclusive opportunities, the report outlines the benefits and challenges of such opportunities, with guidance on how to overcome the challenges and be successful.

You can read the report by clicking here.

Active People Survey disability fact sheet

This is a fact sheet providing statistics on the proportion of disabled people playing sport based on the Sports England Active People Survey. It contains the data from Active People 10 (April 2015 to April 2016).

You can read the APS10 Q2 factsheet (June 2016).  

Barriers to participation

A report is based on qualitative research to better understanding what prevents disabled people form taking part in sport and physical activity. The main barriers can be grouped into categories of psychological, logistical and physical barriers, with psychological barriers being most influential.

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Disabled People’s Lifestyle Report

A quantitative study which looks at the hobbies and interests of disabled people and the extent to which sport and physical activity play a role in their lifestyles.

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Motivate Me

Qualitative research which is designed to understand what motivates and encourages disabled people to take part in sport and physical activity. The report shows that initiatives and communications which focus on disability and impairment do not resonate with the majority of disabled people. Instead, they need to emotionally connect with disabled people by linking with the values that they find important.

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Paralympic Legacy

A small scale quantitative study conducted just after the Paralympics 2012 Games finished. Designed to determine the impact the games had on everyone's perceptions and attitudes.

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Supporting me to be active: the role of supporters in influencing disabled people to be active (released 14 January)

A report which looks at  the views and perceptions of ‘supporters’ of disabled people - friends, family, and professional paid support. It seeks to understand how their attitudes toward sport and physical activity may influence disabled people to be active.

To download the full report, please click here

Talk to Me

A report which worked with providers and participants to generate ten key principles, which if followed, should help providers improve their offer to disabled people and make it more appealing. The report goes through each principle in detail, providing evidence of what disabled people are looking for and recommendations of how to meet expectations. 

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For examples of how to implement the principles click here to read the Talk to Me : Principles in Action guide. 

The Impact of Coaching on Disabled People's Participation

A report based on a sports coach UK report which looked at the impact of coaching on people's participation in sport.  This report looks specifically at the experiences of disabled people.

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Understanding Sport and as a therapy choice, research with physiotherapists

A quantitative study conducted in conjunction with the Association of Paediatric Childhood Physiotherapists to understand the extent to which they use sport as a therapy choice. Findings showed that physiotherapists see sport as a significant part of therapy, but are limited in their awareness and knowledge of local provision to sign post to, and are frustrated at the limited training available about including sport as part of therapy.

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Sport and Recreation Alliance Club Survey – Provision for disabled people

A report produced using data from the Sport and Recreation Alliance Club survey looking at the level of provision for disabled people in UK sports clubs.

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To receive any of these reports in PDF or Word format, please contact Emma Spring, Research and Insight Manager by email or call 07817 787542