Fitness Equipment

Tactile resistance equipmentTo assist leisure providers and purchasers of fitness equipment, the IFI operates an endorsement scheme for commercial fitness equipment which recognises those products which have been designed with accessibility in mind.

All ‘IFI Accredited’ fitness equipment must meet IFI Equipment Design Standards to be fully inclusive, enabling both disabled and non-disabled people to benefit from a full body, cardiovascular and resistance-based workout.

The IFI works proactively alongside the fitness equipment industry Research and Development Associates, to influence and support the development of accessible fitness equipment.   

Currently the IFI have over 100 Accredited items from a total of 15 different manufacturers.

All products on the IFI’s Accredited items list have been product tested by disabled people and approved by experienced industry experts to develop the design standards.   The result is an increase in choice for operators and training opportunities for disabled users in the UK marketplace.

Providing accessible fitness equipment therefore simply ensures that your gym is functional for more users than ever before, offering potential to increase gym membership numbers, as well as retaining current members with new and exciting product innovations.

A full list of IFI Accredited Fitness Equipment is listed below:-